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BoBo's Fine Chicken
Chicken is personal. Here’s our story.

BoBo’s Fine Chicken Restaurant opened April 17, 2018 in the former location of the longtime local treasure, Charlie’s Seafood, on Shore Drive in Virginia Beach.

All the recipes at BoBo’s have been passed down from our family and friends. It’s Southern cooking that you haven’t tasted in a while. Fried chicken is done differently here. We use Bo’s grandmother, May Henry Midgett’s, recipe for fried chicken—a recipe going back at least four generations. Our chicken is brined and battered over a two-day process and then fried in pure peanut oil. This process gives our chicken the characteristic darker, caramel color rather than the golden brown most people are used to eating.

BoBo's Fine Chicken

BoBoQ Sauce

We use an old barbeque sauce recipe from Uncle Bill at BoBo’s. If you get your chicken dipped…it’s dipped in BoBoQ Sauce. It’s good on everything.

Bobo's Fine Chicken


Tot was legendary for all of her cooking back in the 50’s and 60’s when she was a family cook. We use her ice cream custard recipe as a base for all of our homemade ice cream.

BoBo's Fine Chicken

Family Traditions

The past is not forgotten. The traditional techniques and recipes we use at BoBo’s have stood the test of time. What was good then is good now too.

BoBo's Fine Chicken

Rosemont Dairy

BoBo’s Fine Chicken is a restaurant born in Virginia Beach and is owned by a family from Virginia Beach. We cook using local recipes and we serve local food.

Try our fried chicken as is, or “dipped” in our BoBoQ sauce, another family classic. This recipe comes from Uncle Bill. He was an apple and peach farmer who was always looking for ways to use more fruit. His creation, BoBoQ sauce, is made with fresh apple juice. It is spicy, vinegary, and a little bit sweet.

While chicken may be in the name, our biscuits are special too. Our biscuits come from Granny Wilson, the Biscuit Queen, of Farmville, Virginia. Everyone knew her as Granny. Within ten minutes of pulling in her driveway, she would have a hot, fresh Virginia ham biscuit waiting for you. We scratch-make our biscuits every morning for breakfast the same way she used to make them every day.

A fried chicken meal would not be complete without our vegetables. Try our Norfolk potato salad, macaroni and cheese, butterbeans, cucumber and tomato salad or another one of our seasonal sides. We change our vegetables daily based upon what is in season and available to us.

Try our house-made ice cream for dessert. We have our family friend, Tot, to thank for this creamy custard ice cream. Tot was a legendary family cook back in the 50’s and 60’s and she was famous for her desserts. Once you try the ice cream you’ll figure out why. We change our ice cream flavors seasonally.

Come visit us. You know what’s good.

BoBo's Fine Chicken and Biscuits
BoBo's Fine Chicken

Granny Wilson

She was the Biscuit Queen of Farmville, Virginia and everyone knew her as Granny. We make our biscuits every morning the same way she used to make them everyday.

BoBo's Fine Chicken

BoBo’s own Bo

The man behind the restaurant. He grew up learning how to cook from the best, and the best is what you can expect.

BoBo's Fine Chicken

Restaurant Reimagined

One Virginia Beach classic has been replaced with another. After Charlie’s Seafood called it quits, Bo got the blessing to create a new beginning with BoBo’s.

BoBo's Fine Chicken

Gaga Midgett

The lady behind BoBo’s delicious fried chicken. May Henry Midgett learned the recipe from her mother-in-law and passed the technique down to her loved ones. At one time only made for special occasions, her fried chicken can be enjoyed everyday but Sunday at BoBo’s.